Master control

Remote control
Master Control

The innovative communication system designed by Sistem Air for the remote monitoring of industrial and professional vacuum units.

Step into the future, experience Industry 4.0.

Controllo remoto
Master Control

L’innovativo sistema di comunicazione studiato da Sistem Air per il monitoraggio remoto delle centrali aspiranti industriali e professionali.

Entra nel futuro, vivi l’industria 4.0.

Born to work together

A unique receiver board and software. The perfect mechanism for Industry 4.0

Master Control Sistem Air LAN

LAN card

The Master Control connection board is the interface that allows the information shown on the display to be transmitted over a local network, to which both the central vacuum unit and the PC from which remote control is to be carried out are connected.

Software Master Control

It allows you to check in real time all the central vacuum units connected to the local network, obtain a diagnosis of the system and intervene in case of maintenance with guided procedures.

Software Master Control

4.0 technology for remote control

Connect and remotely control all networked vacuum units.

Perform diagnostics, view video tutorials in case of maintenance and consult action sheets

Your right arm

Master Control does not replace human intervention maintenance and does not allow remote reset of the various alarms.

A deliberate safety feature to prevent machine warnings being ignored to the detriment of the machine functional integrity.

Areas of installation

The Master Control network card can be installed on the following central vacuum units:

  • Line Revo Block Professional
  • Dust separators Industrial Clean – excluding Basic models

Each vacuum unit requires a connection card to be connected to the network.

System requirements for installation Master Control software:

  • Windows Vista or later
  • 200Mb of free hard disk space
  • 2Gb RAM




LAN Master Control card


Software Master Control


Sistem Air Pro
More than cleaning, your professional ally.

Compliance with sanitary regulations, suction of dangerous materials, waste recovery and continuous use these are just some of the pluses offered by the system SISTEM AIR PRO.

There is always need for a central vacuum system because cleaning well is an important part of the quality of your work.

Maintenance and assistance

For the scheduled maintenance of the central vacuum unit, the instructions in the technical manual provided and the instructions on the user interface display must be followed.

In particular, these periodic operations mainly concern cleaning the filter, emptying the dust collection container, replacing the bag, checking the correct operation of the electric motor and any obstruction of the air outlet.

All interventions not included in scheduled maintenance by the user must be performed by qualified workers

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