Practical and light. Powerful like nothing else.

Now the central vacuum system stows in a drawer.

The only system for 100% healthy air

Improve Indoor Air Quality with cleaning

No household appliance can do that

Electric brooms, robots and portable vacuum cleaners put the vacuumed air and micro-dust back into your rooms

Designed to express your personality

Not just a simple vacuum inlet, Sense is a full-fledged design element. The finishes of the
covers enhance the environment in a discreet way.
You can even choose to paint it with a color of your choice thanks to the special clinging surface. For a
highly customized finish.


Art. 1470.0


Art. 1470.1


Art. 1470.2

But where is the hose?

It does not roll up or disappear, it simply returns inside the pipe network installed in the wall by suction power.
The Sense hose is always ready for cleaning and returns back when you no longer need it. So you won’t have to worry about anything.
To store the hose, just close partially its entrance and it will retract back in the wall. Easy, isn’t it?

The slimmest backplate in the world

See how it works

Sense rewrites the installation rules of central vacuum systems with retractable hose.

Careful research and engineering studies have pushed Sistem Air where no one has ever ventured before.
Now all this has come true, we have managed to build the thinnest backplate in the world to be also inserted where the available spaces are limited, making installation possible also on plasterboard walls, partitions, wood and prefabricated structures.

Dimensions and measures

Simple and immediate installation on any construction site

Mono Sense

Art. 1450.33

Multi Sense

Art. 1450.32

Switch on and off with a touch

Optional you can't do without

As optional, Sense brings Sistem Air’s on/off technology to systems with retractable hose,
integrating completely.

You can make yourhosee wireless by installing the board inside the box present in the bottom

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