Flisy 2

Flisy 2
wireless handle

The world’s most advanced wireless handle for central vacuum systems.

Universal, rechargeable, indestructible and guaranteed for life. Practically perfect.

Impugnatura wireless
Flisy 2

L’on/off senza fili più evoluto al mondo per impianti aspirapolvere centralizzato.

Universale, ricaricabile, indistruttibile e garantito a vita. Praticamente perfetto.

Discover Flisy 2

The world's most advanced wireless on/off switch

Flisy 2 is a real revolution. Switch the central vacuum system on and off directly from the handle with a simple button

Everything. In one product

Batteria ricaricabile Flisy 2

Rechargeable lithium battery

Flisy 2’s rechargeable battery eliminates the need for periodic battery replacement and makes the device lighter.

Simply connect the supplied charging cable to any USB power supply and you’re done!


Always works, even when unloaded

Flisy 2 is designed to ensure that the system will start under all conditions, even when the battery is discharged.

In the event of discharged batteries, it behaves like a conventional hose with a metal fitting.


Extra-slim compact design

The receiver board has been miniaturised to reduce the possibility of knocks when handling the hose.

These modifications have not increased its fragility but, on the contrary, have made it more robust.

Ultralight Flisy 2


The hose is extremely light due to the absence of a wire.

Maximum comfort of use thanks to the handle and fitting that rotate 360°.

Universal with all systems

Flisy 2 is so smart that it works with any brand of central vacuum system equipped with a micro line

Flisy 2 Universal

Check compatibility

To find out whether Flisy 2 is compatible with your system, make sure that the vacuum inlets have these two metal contacts inside the hole positioned as in the photo.

Lifetime reliability guaranteed

Garanzia a vita Flisy 2

Flisy 2 combines the best electronics with an extremely accurate assembly.

This quality is reflected in the lifetime warranty on electronic parts.

Patented technology

The technology embodied in the Flisy system is a world exclusive innovation. Confirmation of the exceptional value of this product.

PATENT IT 1394092

PATENT IT 270966

Technical data sheet

Flisy 2 allows you to wirelessly turn your central vacuum system on and off directly from the handle.

Technical data transmitter module:

  • battery CR2032 3 V 210 mA
  • Vdc min 2.6 V dc
  • In 700 μA

Technical data receiver module:

  • battery Po-ly 400mAh 3.7V
  • full charge in 4 ore max
  • Vdc min 3.2 V dc
  • Mhz 433.93
  • I-max 22 mA ( ~30h)
    I-sniff 11 mA ( ~ 60h)
    I-sleep 0,004 mA




Impugnatura e raccordo presa wireless Flisy 2


IP 40

Alone, combined or with cleaning kit. Choose your favourite

From a single handle to complete kits for perfect cleaning. Buy Flisy 2 on our e-commerce cleanoop.com

Flisy 2 handle and fitting

Flisy 2 flex hose 7m

Flisy 2 flex hose 9m

Cleaning Kit Flisy 2
Natural Basic

7m hose kit

9m hose kit

Cleaning Kit Flisy 2
Natural Smart

7m hose kit

9m hose kit

Cleaning Kit Flisy 2
Natural Deluxe

9m hose kit

The new way of cleaning you will never change

We spend over 90% of our time indoors. A central vacuum system is the only system that can guarantee indoor air quality with regular cleaning. It eliminates micro-dust, dust mites and allergens through an external vent. No conventional vacuum cleaner, broom or robot can do this.

Design or renovate your home for life. Cleaning is a constant, doing it in the most hygienic way increases the well-being of the environment.

Maintenance and assistance

To maintain Flisy 2 you need to follow the instructions contained in the technical manual supplied.

All interventions not included in scheduled maintenance by the user must be performed by qualified workers

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