Sistem Cube
vacuum unit

The world’s smallest central vacuum unit. Don’t give up on the healthiness of a central vacuum system.

The perfect solution for holiday homes, bungalows and student residences up to 120m².

Centrale aspirante
Sistem Cube

La centrale aspirante più piccola al mondo.
Per non rinunciare alla salubrità dell’aspirapolvere centralizzato.

La soluzione perfetta per case vacanze, bungalow e residenze studentesche fino a 120m².

Discover Sistem Cube

Place it anywhere

The Sistem Cube vacuum unit is an ingenious solution for all confined spaces.

Compactness, rationality and power make it suitable for installation in situations where space available is very tight.

Perfect size and champion performance

Thanks to its small size, the central vacuum unit can be placed inside kitchen cabinets, cupboards, behind curtains or in any situation where a cube of about 30 cm on a side can fit in the available space.

The space can also be without ventilation as the Sistem Cube central vacuum unit adopts a direct cooling motor, without any air inlet for cooling,  for which the air from the vacuum inlets is used.

Easy to install

The installation template is the connection support for the Sistem Cube vacuum unit to the system.

Designed to make installation immediate and simple, thanks to the possibility of rotating the inlet and outlet ports through 360°.

Specifically for situations with reduced screed

The Sistem Cube control unit is designed to be installed with a 40 mm diameter pipe network, suitable for those installation situations where the floor substrate is thin or where the existing systems have numerous overlapping points. 

The new way of cleaning you will never change

We spend over 90% of our time indoors. A central vacuum system is the only system that can guarantee indoor air quality with regular cleaning. It eliminates micro-dust, dust mites and allergens through an external vent. No conventional vacuum cleaner, broom or robot can do this.

Design or renovate your home for life. Cleaning is a constant, doing it in the most hygienic way increases the well-being of the environment.

Areas of installation

Sistem Cube can be installed in homes with the following characteristics:

  • surface to be cleaned between 30 and 120 m² (3 inlets max)
  • single level installation
  • use by a single operator
  • Pipe network made of 40 mm / 2″ diameter hose
  • installation with special pre-wired template
  • 220/240 V ac power supply
  • non-continuous use for aspiration of domestic dusts
  • air exhaust ductable to the outside
  • possibility of installation in limited spaces, such as closets, under sinks or balconies protected from the elements
Sistem Cube Sistem Air


Recommended surface


Inlet points

N. max operators

Sistem Cube

120 m²






Maintenance and assistance

For the scheduled maintenance of the central vacuum unit, the instructions in the technical manual provided and the instructions on the user interface display must be followed.

In particular, these periodic operations mainly concern cleaning the filter, emptying the dust collection container, replacing the bag, checking the correct operation of the electric motor and any obstruction of the air outlet.

All interventions not included in scheduled maintenance by the user must be performed by qualified workers

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